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Scholar Road Safety

Implementing a School Scholar Road Safety Course can bring numerous benefits to a school that does not currently have one. This program can greatly enhance the safety and security of students, staff, and the surrounding community. By training student volunteers to assist with pedestrian and traffic management, the school can improve traffic flow around the campus during peak times, reducing congestion and potential safety hazards. 

Scholar Patrol stop (1).JPG

What skills do we improve?

This program fosters a sense of responsibility, leadership, and teamwork among the participating students, as they take on the important role of ensuring the safety of their peers. It also encourages a positive relationship between the school and the local community, as the Scholar Patrol members act as ambassadors for the school. Moreover, the program helps instill a culture of safety awareness and responsible behavior among the student body, 


What are you waiting for?

 Scholar Road  Safety can contribute significantly to creating a safer and more disciplined school environment.

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