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GBV Course 

A gender-based violence course equips educators with valuable insights and skills to understand and support their peers in the workplace. By delving into this essential subject, educators gain a deeper comprehension of the intricate dynamics of gender-based violence, enabling them to offer empathetic and informed support to their colleagues. 

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What skills do we improve?

This course provides participants with skills such as recognizing signs of gender-based violence, effectively communicating and providing resources for victims, and creating safe and inclusive environments within the workplace. In South Africa, statistics on gender-based violence underscore the urgency of addressing this issue, with an alarming prevalence of such incidents.


What are you waiting for?

 It is estimated that one in five women have experienced physical violence by a partner, highlighting the critical need for education and advocacy in combating gender-based violence. Understanding this context empowers educators to be proactive allies in promoting a culture of safety and respect within their professional community.

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